School District Competition Poems


Don’t ever be reluctant

to show your feelings when

you’re happy, give in to it.

When you’re not, live with it.

Don’t ever be afraid to

try to make things better,

you might be surprised at the results.

Don’t ever take the weight of the

world on your shoulders.

Don’t ever feel threatened by the future,

take life one day at a time.

Don’t ever feel guilty about the past,

what’s done is done.

Learn from mistakes you might have made.

Don’t ever feel that you are alone,

there is always somebody there

for you to reach out to.

Don’t ever forget that you can achieve

so many of the things you can imagine …It’s not as hard as it seems.

Don’t ever stop loving,don’t ever stop believing,don’t ever stop dreaming your dreams.


I have a trouble reaching my vision

I can see it from here, though it is very distant

I get knocked down to my knees, but I keep persistence

Can we work to this vision?

Maybe yours is not the same as mine, but in time, we will find

That we can envision the same vision if we can make it through these hard times.

Oppression? Recession? This gets depressing.

Death and robbing at an all time high?

Shooting somebody is a form of expression?

I vision days when we express our feelings the way it was meant

Instead of time in jail, time with your family. Very well spent.

Where we keep our kids heads in the books, worrying about school

Not worrying about over which shoulder to look, and being cool.

Instead of getting high off of something you’re burning

Get high off of the higher education of learning

To reach this vision, we need cooperation.

Spreading the love, all across the nation.

Worry about what you have, not what you have lost.

This will pay off, and for once, it has no cost.

Vocab ;

Extemporized- perform someting without preparation

Unabashed- not ashamed or embarrassed

Genuflected- to lower one’s body by bending their leg

Gelid-extremely cold

Inviolable- not capable of being violated or infringed

Surfeit- eating until excessively full

Epiphany- a devine manifestation

Macabre- shockingly repellent

Questions 1-8 *

1. Morrison, uses Winter to personify Mr.MacTeer. What I can get from the first page in the Winter section is that Mr.MacTeer is a very hardworking, overworked man who is trying to make sure that he can do right by his family. “He worked night and day to keep one from the door and the other from under the windowsill.” Morrison uses figurative language to describe how fast he has to change from one thing to the next to make sure that his family has all the provisions they need, “Wolf killer turned hawk fighter.”

2. Pecola is harrased by the group of boys by them knowing her family business or what happened in her household.( kind of like black-mail.) The boys also have something over her,  something that makes her really insecure about herself. When they call her black e mo it just puts her down. This is like common bullying today because it just shows how people can pick out what a person is most insecure about and uses it against another person to put them down, but the bullier themselves feels as though they built themselves up. I was so glad when Frieda stepped in and had something that she could hold over on one of the bullies.

3. I would describe Maureen Peal as a bully who walks all over people. At first I just thought that she was just someone that kids were jealous of. Then as I read more of the story I found out that she uses her popalarty to befriend people just to get what she wants from them, as she did with Pecola.

4. The comparison of  Claudia and Frieda comparing themselves to Meringue Pie (Maureen) is interesting. I notice that Claudia described her as Sping. Claudia thought that Maureen was more cute than she and her sister. Claudia knew that she was nicer and brighter than she, but she felt as though she and her sister  were lesser than Meringue Pie.

5. When the MacTeer sisters saw the prostitutes at their home they knew that Mr.Henry was doing something that their mom would not allow in her household. The way they handled the situation shows the readers how respectfully scared they are of their mother.

6. The way that I would analyze Geraldine is that she is a quiet woman who let’s her beauty speak for her. She feels unloved, eve though she has a husband she feels no connection with him at all, so she turns to her pet cat to feel comforted.

7. The importance of the relationship between Geraldine and her son Junior is to show readers how bad other people have it and that its just not the Breedloves’ or the MacTeer family who have problems. Also to bring out another story of Pecola and her hardships and why the way she is through some experience.

8. Junior is treating Pecola sincere until he sees how she treats the cat with the same love as his mother. Geraldine treats Pecola without respect because she does not know the whole story. The impact that this has on Pecola is just bringing out more insecurities that she has about herself like being yelled at, being blame for something that wasn’t her fault and not having her own voice.


Romance Short Stories that stood out to me.

What stood out to me about this story is how the couple first met. They knew it was love at first site. Also, how his wife waited 3 years after he was drafted. The reason this story is an effective one is because after the couple got married in his mother’s living room, they spent years together and had a daughter, even though his wife passed away, after many years he’s still in love with her, and still takes about his sweetheart the same way he did as if they first met. I chose this story because I enjoy romance stories a lot and this story made me think to myself “Awwwwwww!” , It also made me smile.

What stood out to me about this story is the sarcasm and humor the marriage shares. Both the husband and wife enjoy each others presence. What makes this story an effective one is how they were telling the story of how they met. It is a very humorous story mixed with a love story that really caught my attention. The two are going on a 60-year relationship. My reaction to this story was that I laughed at many points while listening.

Monthly Book Club – November

Tabatha B.
Period: 3-4
One Summer
Nora Roberts

What do you think was the author’s purpose in writing this book?

I think the author’s purpose in writing this book was too entertain the audience with an amazing novel of a hot exciting summer.

Who do you think is the intended audience for this book?

I think the intended audience for this book is people who enjoy a entertaining story.

Rate the book from 1-10

I rate this book a 9

Above you rated this book. Explain in detail why you gave this book that score.

I gave this book that score because I felt I could connect to this book a lot. This book had a lot of events that an ordinary summer of mine could compare too, which in other words made me feel as if i was in the story, and it was one of my story’s.

Monthly Book Club – October

Tabatha B. 
Period: 3-4
Second Nature
Nora Roberts

What do you think was the author’s purpose in writing this book?

I think the author’s purpose in writing this book was too entertain the reader with a great summer , exciting love twist story.

Who do you think is the intended audience for this book?

I think the intended audience for this book is people who enjoy a entertaining story.

Rate the book from 1-10

I rate this book a 10

Above you rated this book. Explain in detail why you gave this book that score.

I gave this book that score because I feel this book grew a lot on me to the point where it caught my attention, and I didn’t want to stop reading. I think this had a lot to do with the fact that at the end of the book, when I was finally done the book, I as angry because I was finally done, and wanted the book the go on forever.

Critical Thinking – The Lady With the Pet Dog – Oates

Which version do you like better – Checkhov’s story or Oates’s? What’s the point of retelling the story?

I like Oates’s story best. The point to retelling this story is because the original story (Checkhov’s), was told from a man’s point of view a woman could relate to it but in a more better way told from a woman’s point of view (Oates).

How would this story be different if it were told only in chronological order as it is in Part 3? What do Parts 1 and 3 contribute to the details and information provided in Part 3?

This story would be different if it were told only in chronological order as it is in Part 3 because it would be told better in better order. Parts 1 and 3 contribute to the details and information provided in Part 3 by telling the same story with some different events from both a male and female.

Why are Anna and her lover drawn to each other? What do we learn about their spouses that helps explain their attraction? Are there any other explanations?

Anna and her lover are drawn to each other because they both face unhappy lives and they bring joy and desire to each other. We learn about their spouses that helps explain their attractio …..

What does it mean to enter into a bond with another person?

I believe to enter into another bond with another person, means that you are giving that person half of your heart , your feelings and your life. You are allowing yourself , and that person to share the world of love , hope , and happiness. Love and relationships go both ways, so if someone is giving you all of them in which they trust you with their heart , it’s your job to not break it , it’s your job to love that person , always , and just be happy.

Critical Thinking ; The Lady with the Pet Dog – Anton Chekhov

Consider the following assessment of the story: “No excuses can be made for the lovers’ adulterous affair. They behave selfishly and irresponsibly. They are immoral-and so is the story.” Explain what you think Chekhov’s response to this view would be, given his treatment of the lovers. How does this compare with your own views?

I think Chekhov’s response to this view would be agree the the view of marriage. I believe if two lovers truly love each other, they should be destined to be together, under the fact with out affairs, or unfaithful spouses.

 Why is it significant that the setting of this story is in a resort town? How does the vacation atmosphere affect the action?

The setting is one of the most imporatant parts in a characters life or actions because on vacation away from your normal life, normal family, normal friends, one acts out to be more freely and willing for doing anything another can’t prove whether being “good” or “bad” things. People most likely change their identity and begin to live in a fantasy world while away from their actual  lives and reality.

 What does Gurov’s view of women reveal about him? Why does he regard them as an “inferior race?”

Gurov’s view of women reveals about him that he is kind of like a pimp daddy and takes advantage of the woman he attracts. He thinks woman are the weak gender because of the actions his wife took in being not so intelligent like most woman and not having self confidence. She knows about her husband’s affairs and does nothing to stop it, or leave him. For her non-couragable actions, he then believes he’s some sort of pinp master and can control any woman he desires. 

 When and why do Gurov’s feelings about Anna begin to change? Is he really in love with her?

Gurov’s feelings for Anna began to change when they seperated and went their own way back to their lives in reality. After he had went home for a couple of months, he realized  that he regretted leaving and couldn’t stand living with out her because knowing the fact he couldn’t have her only makes him want her even more. I believe he really doesn’t love her, he just loves the excitment she brought into the affair he was missing in his actual life, and for that he misses her terribly.

What is the effect of having Gurov as the central consciousness? How would the story be different if it were told from Anna’s perspective?

Having the story told by Gurov’s point of view shows what he really felt for his fantasy affair. If It were perhaps told from a woman’s perspective, Anna, the story would be slightly, or more then half way different. Therefore, men could not also relate to the context, but also females could do so as well.